Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wednesday's Woe - You're on the Outside Looking In, I'm on the Inside Looking...at Forever!

Wednesday's Woe

You're on the Outside Looking In,
I'm on the Inside Looking...at Forever!

I'm so tired of your list --

Your "Should-Not/Should" list

Keeps me pissed...

If I lived in a Leper's Colony, would...

My civilian peers think THEY know best ~

Would they rant and rave

That I should not live with folks in a cave...?

Would they say I should come over more;

I should no longer hang in that 'hood,

That I'm just becoming a terrible bore...

Or would they assert they know JUST why

I'm in the mess I'm in...


you just need to use MY moisturizer on your skin...!"

Then, why O why, do they think...

They can define how to swim not sink

In this new world I find myself in:

This "Child-Loss Griever Untouchables Den"?

So I ask you,

If a wood-chuck could chuck wood...

how much wood would a wood-chuck chuck

If a wood-chuck could chuck wood?


If a non-griever could grieve grief...

how much grief could a non-griever grieve

if a non-griever could grieve grief?

If a non-Child-Loss-Griever thinks he could

Live in a Griever's skin for a day,

How long do you think he'd make it in our 'hood

Without crying out, running away,

Or without sinking under the depressive load

Of sorrow, or of th' angst of his ignorant goad,

"You've lost a child; that's no biggie~

Just move on you big fat sissy!"

He'd be in for another think or two

If he thinks he could swim not sink,

Sopped in such ignorant goo...

So all I can say to these bratty finks

Who sell their wares with nary a blink,

(I could tell them a thing or two

if I could maintain some calm reserve),

Or I could just say what they deserve,

When they come 'roun with their nasty goo,

"Just leave me alone! GO! Shoo, fly, Shoo!"

Picture: Thanks to FotoSearch.com
Poem - Angie Bennett Prince - You're on the Outside-Looking In, I'm on the Inside-Looking...at Forever! - 2/15/2011


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