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Blessed Father's Day! - What is a Father to Do...? / Crying ~Roy Orbison

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Blessed Father's Day!

What is a Father to Do...?

"I ought to (qualify) for a helicopter (pilot's) license,

as much as I hovered..." ~Tommy Prince

What is a father supposed to do

When one of his babies is taken away?

For us on earth, it's Satan's major coups

To take away the "light" that makes our day...

A father loves, provides, protects,

Holding and nurturing his baby chick,

Fending off fiends with their fake "loving" pretexts;

When they make their moves, he's quicker than quick!

All about him is wired to love his child ~

What does he do then, when life is threatened,

When by Satan's ruse, his child is beguiled,

Or all evil powers on his child are reckoned?

A father's love first creates his child,

Then all about him is wired to protect;

How then is a child's death e'er reconciled,

When pow'rs greater than his, resist and deflect?

The father's love that first creates his child

Knows there's a Creator greater than he,

A loving God who all evil reconciled,

To save that child for all eternity.

What is a father supposed to do

When one of his babies is taken away?

He first does all he knows to do,

Then entrusts his Father to protect till that Day.

A loving father first represents

Saving love to his child that the Savior presents.

God bless the father who pours out his love,

But must carry Grief's cross till Heav'n Above.

God, please, 'round this father, wrap Your arms,

Assuring his heart, his child is safe from all harms...


And so, Lord, where do I put my hope? My only hope is in you.

~Psalm 39:7


Tommy mentioned the song below to me as I read him this Father's Day poem; he said, "But the (song's) lyrics are wrong." I said, "Well, I'll rewrite the lyrics!" Fortunately, not much needed to be rewritten; only one line needed to be rewritten to make the lyrics more fitting to our reality!

For you don't love me and I'll always be

For you aren't with me, so I'll always be

So imagine, in hearing this song, that after much grieving, you had just dreamed about seeing your child again, and she had reached out and held your hand, and then she had to go...again. Then these lyrics, as rewritten, could well apply to having seen your child, and then crying all over again when she had to leave...


Having some problems uploading this amazing "oldie," so if it fails to show below, please go to to hear Roy Orbison sing, "Crying." Thank you!


~Roy Orbison, with K. D. Lang

I was all right for a while, I could smile for a while~

But I saw you last night; you held my hand so tight

As you stopped to say, "Hello";

Oh, you wished me well, you couldn't tell

That I've been crying over you, crying over you,

And you said, "So long,"

Left me standing all alone,

Alone and crying, crying, crying, crying:

It's hard to understand, but the touch of your hand

Can start me crying...

I thought that I was over you,

But it's true, so true:

I love you even more than I did before,

But darling, what can I do?

For you aren't with me, so I'll always be

Crying over you, crying over you...

Yes, now you're gone and from this moment on,

I'll be crying, crying, crying, crying

Yeah, crying, crying over you!

Picture - thanks to PhotoBucket

Poem - What is a Father to Do...? - Angie Bennett Prince - 6/18/2011

Video -


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