Monday, June 13, 2011

Tuesday's Trust - When People Disappoint... No Matter What... God is Here!

Tuesday's Trust

When People Disappoint...

No Matter What... God is Here!

In my struggle I exposed in my post last week on Friday's Faith, I "stumbled across" (or was this God's hand?) a poem I had written several months ago that as I reread it, began to minister to my broken spirit. I then re-worked it to fit the situation at hand. God is amazing in His ability to turn things completely around in my heart so that instead of my being disheartened, I am actually at rest in Him, and excited at what He will help to come from this "misadventure"! I guess He always uses painful circumstances to grow us in our love for one another and in our faith, trust, and dependence on Him!

He also brought to mind some people I dearly love who had recently lost loved ones (including their child) for whom I have been praying but amidst the starkness of the deaths, I too have been rendered speechless and have not yet reached out to them as I normally would. God is good at helping me to step off my "high horse"!

When People Disappoint...

No Matter What... God is Here!

No matter what people do ~ GOD is here.

No matter if their "love" grows cold ~ GOD is here.

There is no meanness, sin, nor Satan in Heav'n ~

Yet God uses everything this side of Heav'n

To bring Himself glory and bring men to Him.

No matter what Satan does ~ God loves me... and them!

Thank You GOD for Your amazing love;

It reaches down and holds me ~ takes me above!

I love You LORD and thank You for saving me

in this Hell I find myself going through

in this Child-Loss Nightmare, compounded

with the ones who "promise" to "love" me true.

Instead of Truth, I see sin, lies, deceit;

But, hidden in You ~ T.h.e. TRUTH ~ I'm complete.

Guard me LORD, take away all bitterness;

You'll protect and guard me with Your sweetness.

Blessed are we who mourn ~ YOU comfort us;

YOU love, guard, guide from dawn to dusk,

Going before, going behind, protecting us.

Hold me so close Lord ~ I am lonely and sad

When those who (I feel) should "love" me treat me "bad,"

But ever IN YOUR ARMS OF LOVE, YOU make me GLAD!

I rest in You my Lord, my Loving Abba Dad!

Poem - When People Disappoint: No Matter What... God is Here! - 10/10/10, revised 6/10/11 - Angie Bennett Prince


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