Thursday, June 23, 2011

Friday's Faith - Death Stops All Clocks

Friday's Faith

Death Stops All Clocks

I wrote the following poem the other night after watching a movie depicting Charles Dickens' classic book Great Expectations, in which the main character put her life completely on hold, stopping all the clocks in her house when her fiance broke off with her the day of her wedding. She never came out of the house after that day and kept all the drapes closed, blocking all sunshine out of her life until the day she died. She became a prisoner in her own home and at her own hands...

Uncomfortably, much of her life resonated with these past almost-five years of my life...

Death Stops All Clocks

Lord, have I indeed, stopped all the clocks

Since her death ~ trying to make Time stand still?

Have I stilled my body ~ locked in a box,

As if, not moving through time, I could bring her back still?

OR, as time stands still, do I help myself mourn,

Giving my traumatized brain time to adjust...

Pacing myself by baby-steps, as, heart-torn,

My body/soul/spirit could otherwise "bust,"

Trying to do "normal" when it flew out with death's gust?

The reality is Death stops all clocks;

Death paralyzes into a tranced-state;

Trauma is sealed in limbic systems with locks;

Caught in a riptide, we give in--to navigate...

(While others look on with attitudes of hate:

Instead of wanting to help, they'd rather berate,

While we must be patient with ourselves--not judge,

For only with love will our grief start to budge

as we overlook those who hold Griever-Grudge.)

Trauma takes time to be walked through;

Within therapeutic limits, grief will break through.

The truth is Lord, my baby's with You...!

Respond to Me, My child;

I'll pour my heart out to you.

The One who died, your child to reconcile,

Is the One who longs to make His thoughts known to you.

The only way through Satan's destruction

Is humbly turning to my instruction:

Some sell their souls

To have lands and gold

Others yield their soul ~

In them, I pour My Love into their soul.

Love heals. Love reveals.

Love, your heart gently seals.

Just as Love now holds your baby close to My heart,

So Love holds your heart, My healing to impart...


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