Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday's Woe - Is It Asking Too Much...?

Wednesday's Woe

Is It Asking Too Much...?

We are grieving over the loss of our child.

We are grieving over something we didn't ask for. Then is it too much to ask ~ for a little understanding?

A little understanding...from our families?

A little understanding...from our friends?

A little understanding...from our churches?

A little understanding...from our employers?

A little understanding...from our colleagues?

To better help you understand,

Do you not understand that the loss of my child broke my heart ~ forever until I see her again?

Do you not know that the trauma of losing my child...

damaged my brain?

affected my confidence?

impaired my memory?

made me accident-prone?

compromised my immune system?

Emotionally, I feel like I am walking around with no skin on.

Did you know that if I detect toxicity in another person, it will send me running in the opposite direction?

Did you know that when my phone rings, I cannot answer?

Did you know that when I am invited to a party, I cannot attend? I cannot even respond to tell you that I cannot attend.

Did you know that I cannot be around crowds?

Do you realize that I'm doing the best that I can with something I will never find peace with, this side of Heaven?

So please, is it too much to ask ~ for a little understanding?

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Ruby Starheart said...

Yes, I know all of this. Peace will come, when you are ready. Remember 'Footprints'? God is holding you right now, whether it feels like it or not. Sending you and your family much love.

Deedy said...
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