Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wednesday's Woe - A Tribute to the Life of Grieving Mother Yvonne...

One of Yvonne's "Wall Photos" on Facebook

Wednesday's Woe

A Tribute to the Life of Grieving Mother Yvonne...

The depth of pain for many of us can go this far. I had been off Facebook for a couple of days only to discover this afternoon that two days ago, a beloved sister-in-grief, Yvonne, succumbed to her child-loss pain and took her own life.

So sad. So sobering. It is so painful to walk through life without our child. And then we hear of a precious mother who could no longer tolerate the pain. Her young adult son died suddenly of what the doctors think was an undiagnosed condition of an enlarged heart. He died only 8 months ago. My Facebook friend had so much pain from childhood, then in adulthood, yet her child brought so much joy to her life. Since his death, she has been in great emotional turmoil, and in great physical pain from an ongoing illness and from an injury that was keeping her from her work of 16 years in which she helped people with developmental disabilities. She couldn't get on disability herself, and she was becoming more and more depressed. She had much support from other grieving "sisters," but the pain evidently became too great...

Yvonne was an honest, candid, open person on Facebook, supportive of others while realistic about the depths of pain that occur in child-loss grief.

On her Facebook wall, she had written under the category, "Religious Views,"

"I believe in God and love. Although, since I lost my precious son, I sometimes wonder if God loves me."

I pray that she is at peace now and knows beyond a shadow of a doubt how great God's love for her truly is.

Yvonne, precious sister-in-grief, may you rest in God's arms tonight, forever wrapped in His love and in His perfect peace. And may you smile to see your precious son there by your side.

Please pray for Yvonne's family tonight as they mourn a beautiful and beloved soul.

May we continue to love and support one another in our grief amidst often overwhelming pain.

I had used the picture below on my blog a couple of months ago, thanks to Yvonne's kindness. After Yvonne's own son's death, a friend of hers wrote the following poem for her on her son's birthday. It is amazing to me how her friend's poem goes with the picture Yvonne loaned me. May its message be true for Yvonne today...

"Somewhere a journey begins at the end

of the worldly existence we know.

Somewhere a path stretches over the stars,

and rivers of memories flow...

Somewhere a silence is heard far away,

and the brightness of day

fills the night.

Where the trials of life are resolved into peace...

when a soul finds its way to the light."

~Delores Felix

Rest in Peace, Yvonne...


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