Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friday's Faith - Till Our Faith Becomes Sight…

Friday's Faith

Till Our Faith Becomes Sight…

My brother sent your pictures in the mail;

They pierced through my heart, sharp as a nail.

(Why couldn't you hear us that fatal day?

You made your decision; you had your say.)

Now we're left without you, our world's not right;

Ev'rybody else here, you're not in sight.

We thought we had grieved and grieved and grieved, yet

We see your picture; grief's bad as it can get.

Our hearts are broken; our world is just crushed.

Lord, touch our hearts with Your gentle sweet hush;

We don't receive all our promises here,

But one day we'll see our loved one so dear.

She is with You; she's okay; she's alright.

Just because we can't see her in our sight

Does not mean You have not crushed death's vile blight.

You died so that our faith will become sight:

When we reach the shore where there's no more night,

We'll see our baby ~ a beautiful sight;

We'll be together; our world will be right!

We'll live in the warmth of Your love, Your light.

Guard our hearts now while we live death's dark night,

Encourage us while we finish our fight.

You comfort and caress amidst our plight,

For You've lived the loss of Your Son, Your Delight…

Please keep us close, held in Your arms so tight;

Draw near through Death's Darkness, till our faith becomes sight!

Poem - Till Our Faith Becomes Sight... - Angie Bennett Prince - edited 10/27/2011


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