Monday, October 3, 2011

Tuesday's Trust - Empty - A Grieving Father's Poem

Tuesday's Trust


A Grieving Father's Poem


Empty faces in empty cars

I stop at the light and stare at their scars

Empty heart and empty soul

Used to know my way but I lost my role

Empty buildings on crowded streets

An empty bed as I pull up my sheets

Empty house that's not a home

Should I sell it now and learn how to roam

Empty children with blood shot eyes

My nights are empty as I sit and cry

Empty visions in my empty mind

Since I found him dead life's been so unkind

Empty hopes followed by dead dreams

Try to go to sleep but I'm wakened by my screams

Empty promises given in vain

A chump to the hustle so now I live in pain

Empty future with little hope I see

I pray to you Jesus please touch your Hand to me.

written 10/02/2011 by: Thomas Patrick Calvert

Picture -
Poem by Tom Calvert, in memory of his son David (lovingly "lifted" from TCF, Atlanta)


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