Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday's Faith - Who Are My Brothers and Sisters?

Friday's Faith

Who Are My Brothers and Sisters?

~Angie and Tommy Prince

In this new dimension into which we have been thrown since our Child-Loss Grief, we ask ourselves, "Who is our family now?!"

Like the little bird that went around asking,

"Are you my mother? Are you my mother?"

in the famous children's book, perhaps we too are going around asking,

"Who is my family now? Are you my family? Are you my family? Are you my brother? Are you my sister?"

When I see what my family-of-origin's brothers and sisters are like nowadays, I find I have almost nothing in common with them but genetics and a relationship in common with my wonderful mother and father. Other than that, we seem to have few similarities. We are in the middle of sorting out my mother's will, and it seems my siblings have become foreigners to me, or perhaps a better analogy should be they have become pirates, in search of the "treasure" with anybody else coming near being treated as mincemeat, as perhaps they may get some of the treasure...

Having lost my child, what do I have in common with that?! I know where my "treasure" lies! It lies in relationships with my Lord and with my children, one being already in Heaven, and with others who understand such loss.

And so who are my new siblings; who is my new family? Ones who can relate to me about what is truly important...

Jesus' mother and brothers thought the Living Lord had lost His mind (!) when it was lunch time and He had not eaten, but rather, was choosing to teach the crowd gathered around Him in someone's house, so they went to the house where He was teaching to call Him home to eat. Someone came to Jesus to tell Him his mother and brothers were waiting for Him outside. Jesus looked around the room and asked,

"Who are My mother and My brothers? Whoever does God's will is My brother and sister and mother."

~See Mark 3:20-35

"Family Tree," by Norman Rockwell

"Freedom from Want", March 6, 1943 ~Norman Rockwell:
"Family Tree", October 24,1959 ~Norman Rockwell:


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