Saturday, December 29, 2012

Friday's Faith - "One Baby's Impact on the World"

Friday's Faith

"One Baby's Impact on the World"

I don't know about y'all, but I was not really able to enjoy Christmas fully until after Christmas this year. Christmas day this year was sweet as this was the first time since our first Christmas without Merry Katherine that we were able to enjoy having a part of our family over for several hours. Typically, we are so undone, we cannot do festivities of any kind on that day. It is just too sad for us without our baby. As in all the major holidays, it seems I almost have to "hold my breath" right up to the day, and then throughout the day of the actual holiday so that I can just "make it through." Then I can seem to "let down" and process what the holiday is all about. 

So that is why I have continued to celebrate Christmas with you all this week. (And I thank you for indulging me!) It is such a special time to celebrate our Savior's coming, and finally I can "feel" that "comfort and joy" and enjoy the sweet intimacy of Love coming down just for us. Tonight I celebrate the great impact our Savior's coming has had on our world... 

One Baby's Impact on the World

Sweet blessings to each of you today!


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