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Monday's Mourning Ministry - Ave Maria ~Placido Domingo & Michael Bolton - Nana Mouskouri

Monday's Mourning Ministry

Ave Maria

~Placido Domingo, Michael Bolton - Nana Mouskouri

~contributed by Grieving Mother, Debbie Simone Curti

Listening to Ave Maria today, thanks to a "treasured sister" Debbie Simone Curti, a fellow grieving mother, I cried. I often wonder how God could have called me to bear such pain in this lifetime as to go through the loss of my only daughter in the prime of her life. I think for the first time, I realized more of the depth of pain and loss to which God called mother Mary, 

not only to bear the Son of the living God amidst others' false perceptions of her scandalous behavior, 

but also to raise our very Savior - bonding with Him from babyhood to childhood to teen age to young adulthood, 

only to have to face the most horrible form of stealing her Child away from her by merciless prejudice, persecution. and priestly power-struggle committed against

her Son who had done no harm, committed no sin, perpetrated no crime, and 

yet was viciously beaten, mocked, and 

killed as a villainous criminal by human and religious volitional crime, the seed that can generate the worst-of-all trauma to a mother's heart… 

I had always known God had so honored Mary by calling her to bear His Son, but the song caused me to reconcieve the call that included not only the greatest honor for Mary, but along with that Honor, He had also called her to bear the most Sacred Trust, of loving, even when that love would bear the worst pain a mother could bear. 

As Mary was called to bear the Christ Child, and yet along with that, called to bear the world's worst suffering, it puts my suffering into a whole new perspective...

Thank you {{{Debbie}}} for sharing this song with me today.
Thinking of you and your precious {{{Christy}}} with love...

This was Debbie's note to her friends on Facebook:

"December 8th is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. I am not sure how I would have survived this tragedy without my belief in Mary. She gave birth to a child, loved him, lost him, and kept her strength. She has been my inspiration (if you want to call it that )_sometimes I go to church and just sit in front of her statue and cry but I get through the day.. Thank GOD for our faith.. The music is beautiful.. Listen a minute.. It will bring you peace."

~Debbie Simone Curti, Grieving Mother


~Placido Domingo & Michael Bolton - Nana Mouskouri

Ave Maria
Ave Maria
Vergin del ciel
Sovrana di grazie e madre pia
Accogli ognor la fervente preghiera
Non negar
A questo smarrito mio amor
Tregua nel suo dolor!
Sperduta l'alma mia ricorre a te
E piena di speme si prostra ai tuoi pie
T'invoca e attende la vera pace
che solo tu puoi donar
Ave Maria!
Ave Maria, gratia plena,
Maria, gratia plena
Maria, gratia plena
Ave Ave Dominus
Dominus tecum,
Benedicta tu in mulieribus,
et benedictus
et benedictus fructus ventris
ventris tui, Iesus.
Ave Maria.

Translation of the Italian lyrics: 

Ave Maria
I call out to you Mary
Virgin of the sky
Monarch of graces and devout mother
Accept the fervent prayer of everybody
Do not refuse
To this person who released his love
Truce in his pain!

My lost soul turns to you
And full of repentance, humbles at your feet,
It invokes you and awaits the true peace
That only you can give
I call out to you Maria
Ave Maria, full of grace
Maria, full of grace
Maria, full of grace

Hail, Hail God
Your God
Be blessed among the women
And blessed
And blessed be the product of your womb
Your womb, Jesus.

Ave Maria.



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