Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday's Trust - "A Snowy Wish" ~Grieving Mother, Maggie Helton Sims

Tuesday's Trust

"A Snowy Wish"

~Grieving Mother, Maggie Helton Sims

A poem from my fellow-grieving-mother friend, Maggie… This poem was published in a grief magazine this time last year. ~Many thanks to Maggie for sharing this with all of us!

A Snowy Wish

I wish you could see what I see -
White soft flakes floating to the ground.
Sitting proudly on the tree branches
Making white what was earlier so brown.

I wish you were here to enjoy this scene
To run and to romp in laughter.
Taking us back to a different time
When we expected happily ever after.

I wish you could feel the frigid cold air
Briskly rushing against your sweet face.
Turning noses and cheeks a bright cherry red,
While little snow angels you trace.

I wish once again that I could observe
As you launch weapons of snow at your sister;
Tripping and falling into the deep snow
As your snowballs just barely miss her.

I wish we still had the little round sled
That your dad used to tote you around;
Ending the day so cold and so bruised
After tumbling and toppling frozen ground.

I wish you were sitting next to the fire
Sipping hot chocolate and warming your fingers.
Describing to me your fun-filled afternoon
As the bright, snowy day no more lingers.

Today the snow falls and achingly I wish
That you and I could share this vision.
I trust that the place that is your home now
Is much whiter than what I envision.

“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride,”
And we would be together.
My wish is that when the time is right,
You and I will share forever.

~Maggie Helton Sims

Picture, thanks to Grieving Mother, Jill Compton


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