Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday's Therapy - What Helps Me As I Deal with Grief

Thursday's Therapy

What Helps Me Deal with Grief:

    • Establish an environment of safety:
      • Quiet time
      • Uninterrupted time
      • Safe people only around me
    • Write out my grief process:
      • Any questions I have
      • Whatever feelings emerge
      • Conversation with God about my loss
      • Conversation with my deceased child
    • Allow the feelings to come; encourage them to come
    • Comfort and receive comfort from other grieving parents
    • Read my Bible

    o Open myself up for God to speak to me

    o Open myself up for God to comfort me

    • Write poems to express my feelings:
      • Express my logical thoughts (left brain)
      • Express my creative side (right brain)
      • Allow the Holy Spirit to minister as I write
          • Intervention (Showing new pathways for my grief)
          • Correcting (His view of my loss)
          • Comfort (Reminding me of who He is regarding my loss)
    • Develop healthy boundaries:
      • Determine what I think I am able to do, and what I am unable to do
      • Determine who I am able be around, and who I am not
      • Take care of my physical and emotional needs
          • Be sure I eat healthily
          • Get good exercise
          • Be sure I get 8 hours of sleep each night
          • Get sunshine
          • Add right-brain activities

    Ø Listen to music

    Ø Ponder and view the beauty of God’s world

    Ø Enjoy the taste of a good meal

    Ø Physical comfort of being close to my husband

    Ø Meditation

    Ø Enjoy the aroma of cut flowers from my garden

    Ø View pretty pictures

    Ø View pictures of birds, flowers, butterflies from my magazines or on the internet

    Ø Sit by a crackling fire

    Ø Hike on a mountain trail

    Ø Garden, enjoying getting my hands in the dirt

    Ø Hold my dog

    Ø Bask in a warm bath or spa

    Ø Take a walk, focusing on the beauty around me

    Ø Jump on my trampoline

    Ø Mow the lawn


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