Monday, October 18, 2010

Tuesday's Trust - God's Coloring Book!

Tuesday's Trust

God's Coloring Book!

Mountain trip through fall's cool breeze,

Struck a-wonder by God's beauteous trees...

Through the mountains, through the woods,

Trees of every different texture, color,

Fingerprints of God's on each unique pattern,

Splashes of God's heralding intimacy

Cradled in His Love's Immensity!

So many colors leaves me questioning

"Could these woods be God's coloring book?!"

Brightest orange, lightest gold,

Burning bushes every one...

Sacred grounds...take off your shoes,

For it's holy ground ~

God is here in every view,

Every color, every hue,

Reminders of His love abound...

Bluest skies at the heights,

Purple mountains in dusky lights,

5000 feet, leaves are now down,

Coldest cold all around...

Stark, emptied, Death-filled trees...

Seem like Haunted, Grieving trees,

Longing... wistful for soft summer breeze...

Back down the mountain to regal golds,

O what beauty to behold,

Mountain tops come ever nearer,

Almost close enough to hold!

Range of colors ~ O what beauty,

God's at work ~ His Master-full duty.

Spicy aroma~blue woodruff fills the icy air,

Feels like we're breathing Heaven's air!

Yet, suddenly crosses appear

along the curvy colorful highway,

Symbols of grieving mothers nearby, somewhere...

God's beauty shines amidst Satan's crimes --

Evil designs amidst God's sublime...

Hush! Hear His voice come through the trees,

Whispering sounds on whispering leaves:

"My majesty abounds ~

Satan was defeated on My holy grounds!

Your children...lost, now are found!

Plant your feet on My solid ground!"

God of the earth

God of the mountain

Splashed life on my baby

From His holy fountain!

Mountain trip through fall's cool breeze,

Struck a-wonder by God's beauteous trees...

Daintiest textures to boldest bold,

Intricate handiwork to behold,

But the most beautiful miracle of all:

God's reminder ~ His love and beauty overcome all!

Satan's wicked plans and designs?

God trumps each with His own design.

No matter how many times it seems Vile One wins,

God shows His mercy again and again.

And even fall's finest intricacies

Pale in comparison to God's sweetest, warmest intimacies

He's designed for us to share

Despite living on earth amidst Death's icy stare.

Pictures: mine, taken 10/18/10 on Cherhola Highway in Cherokee National Forest, TN and NC
The cross picture is in memory of "Nathan Stewart," someone's precious boy I never knew.
Poem - God's Coloring Book! - Angie Bennett Prince - 10/18/10


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