Monday, October 4, 2010

Tuesday's Trust - An Invitation to Visit the Shambles of My Life

Tuesday's Trust

An Invitation to Visit the Shambles of My Life

"How does someone dress to attend the shambles of her life?"


...If I were to send an invitation to visit the shambles of my life...

How many people would take me up on that?

The curiosity seekers, (or as my friend calls them, the "lookie-lous")?

The compassionate's heart is too deeply triggered to visit...

The complacent are too afraid my disaster is contagious...

Let's face it...

I am now a tragic story.

I am now the mother of a dead child.

I am now the mother of a beautiful daughter drawn into the evils of drugs.

(Were boundaries needed, or did boundaries kill?

Who knows? Who will never know till Heaven's Gate...?)

All I know is I loved her.

I did my best.

I prayed through e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. I did.

And she knew I loved her.

And she loved me.

And I prayed so hard for her soul.

And her soul remained tender to God.

And I still have no clue what can be done for one hooked by evil drugs – even ones as "tame" as marijuana...

("Tame"?! I think not! Just ask the young man who passed out on the road from the effects of marijuana and his morning prescription of antidepressants in his system, who ran off the road in such a passed-out-state, crashing into a row of hardwood trees that didn't budge even for a 2-ton SUV traveling at 60 miles per hour {his foot never hit the brake as the car was still running and the cruise-control was still on when the rescue workers arrived at the crash}, killing all 3 of his friends including my child, all of whom he had invited to go with him to the beach for his family's reunion... I'll bet he no longer thinks marijuana is a "tame" nor "safe" drug...)

Yes, I do have some peace.

I know she is in my Lord's arms.

I know she is safe. Safe from the Enemy that though he killed her, he was impotent to capture her soul...because she KNEW her Lord, and His Love conquered Satan's evil plans for her death, giving her her life back...eternal life to spend with Him and with all who love Him.

But how does her mother make plans as she enters the shambles of her life?

How does one make a living as her life becomes consumed with her child's dying?

How does one walk through a day knowing the rest of her life will be gray, robbed of the color of her child?

It Can Only Be Done In the Arms Of My Lord Who Promises To Carry Me!

And He does...or else...I couldn't make it.

Thank YOU ~ for coming to visit me and love the shambles of my life!

And it really doesn't matter what you wear, for I think we will only focus on one another's hearts and souls...

Picture: Thanks to @LillyAnn
Quote: Weeping, A Fritillary Quilter Mystery, (2004), p. 36

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