Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wednesday's Woe - Life's Nightmare

Wednesday's Woe

Life's Nightmare

I had a dream of you last night:

You were little, vulnerable,

Choosing friends who'd cause me great fright.

Attempts to keep you safe, doubtful:

I chewed them out, gave an earful

that they don't dare bring you harm...

But it was so hard to guard you~

Mommy's not a "good-luck charm."

Feelings stirred, reminiscent to

Feelings then...I felt I was there

when you were here with me and life

was much the same~Hard to bear~

Trying to protect, causing strife,

But all efforts were t' guard your life...

In th' nightmare, fears at my heart would tear,

Yet angst, knowing you'd end up there...

There on that ground that took your life...

(The diff'rence between life, nightmare--

Having this sense you'd end up there...)

Tell me baby, how's Mommy t' bear

Real life? ~It stabs me like a knife:

Asleep (or) Awake, I'm swamped w'th...

Life's Nightmare.

Poem - Life's Nightmare - Angie Bennett Prince - 12/12/10


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