Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wednesday's Woe - Warning! Griever on Board! ~ May You Grieve in Peace!

Wednesday's Woe


Baby Griever on Board!

Child-loss Grief in many ways throws you under the bus. Beaten up, maimed, and even crippled, you crawl out as best you can, from under its wheels to look at your life to see what's left of it.

You discover that it takes 90% of your energies to dress your wounds, manage your bandages, casts, canes, wheelchairs, prosthetics, stitches, I.V.'s from the emotional devastations wreaked. So you find after some healing, you may have about 10% of your energy left over, so you'll want to examine where you might want to put those energies.

Naturally, you become very selective as to where that remaining 10% of your energies will be invested...

You, of necessity, must re-examine the former emotional infrastructures of your life.

If there are back roads that are too icy after life's storms have hit, you find you must avoid those at all costs.

If there are hazardous intersections ahead, you know you must take wide detours around those.

If a snowstorm is predicted, you even may decide to stay home.

To remind yourself of dangers, you may have to place signs up along your way:

Warning! Toxic Persons Ahead!

Warning! Unrealistic "Get-Over-It persons" Ahead!

Warning! Pseudo-Intimacy Ahead ~ Watch for run-away exits to avoid a crash!

Warning! F-O-G May Set in Ahead!

(F.O.G.* = Fear, Obligation, Guilt-Manipulators)

Put on Your Hard Hats to Resist!

Warning! Thin Veneers of Kindness May Disguise Deep Holes of Meanness Underneath! Take Safer Route!

Warning! Rock Slides of


Abound Here!

Warning! Sinkholes of Malicious Anger over your emotional fragility May Take You Down!

Warning! Slippery Slope of Sick
Comments Ahead!

Danger! FLOOD-ZONE of Insensitive, Toxic People Along This Road!

Watch for Sudden Bumps in Grief's Road!

Sometimes Even Grief CLIFFS Ahead!

Warning! HOLIDAYS Just Ahead!

Downright Vicious People Ahead!

Some Vicious When You Least Expect It!

Avoid Cold-Hearted People Like the Plague!

Grief offers a keener CLARITY about life ~ what's really important, who is really safe, and what events can actually bring prospects of comfort and relief. With seasoned experience, Grief offers as well, the proper WARNING! signs to avoid potential pitfalls.

Take heed, O griever, please proceed with caution!

Enjoy the SAFE scenery ahead!

And please,

be wary!


Protect Yourself!

And May You Grieve in Peace!

*F.O.G. = Fear + Obligation + Guilt according to ~Susan Forward, Emotional Blackmail
Photos thanks to FotoSearch.com


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