Monday, July 4, 2011

Tuesday's Trust - God's Spirit Dimension

Tuesday's Trust

God's Spirit Dimension

Writing notes to grieving mothers,

Then realizing all over again

That you're gone . . . It's surreal ~

After this five-year span

How is it I oft can feel

Closer to you than when you were here~

You're not just in my life, but in my heart . . .

Every day since that day, I've shed a tear, feel closer now, though we're apart!

God's Economy is always better ~

Less is more, and more is less ~

Grief indeed is like a fetter,

And yet you share my happiness!

Thank you baby girl, that you're so near . . .

You draw so close, it's like you're here!

So when reality strikes me down,

I'm lifted up, as your spirt comes 'roun!

Poem - God's Spirit Dimension - Angie Bennett Prince - 7/2/2011


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