Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wednesday's Woe - Cumulative Effect of Child-Loss Grief

Wednesday's Woe

Cumulative Effect of Child-Loss Grief

Cumulative effect of our grief

Adds to the loss, our trauma.

Year upon year of no relief,

Layers of pain, makes me "Trauma Mama."

Another birthday without her,

Hole in the Holiday with one gone,

Our family forever altered

When one's away and can't come home.

The room, however filled,

Is still missing that one ~

No matter the news that thrills,

Our little one is gone.

Optical illusions ~ some see the whole;

Mommy and Daddy feel . . . the hole,

Our family forever altered,

One unique voice, one unique laugh has faltered.

Cumulative effect of our grief

Adds to the loss, our trauma.

They, still feel the love, we, the thief . . .

That stole one, changing Mommy into "Trauma Mama."

How can there be merry-makings

When our Merry has been taken?

Picture thanks to FotoSearch
Poem - Cumulative Effect of Child-Loss Grief - Angie Bennett Prince - 7/19/2011


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Anonymous said...

Dear Angie and Tommy, I Cannot begin to know how u feel with losing a child that quickly. Your grief must be overwhelming, Im so sorry for your loss of your daughter. I too lost a daughter, Thanksgiving day of 2009. Although we have had very different areas of concern, any loss of a child is very hard to deal with, and overcome. My husband and I are both christians, its only our faith that got us thru these last 7 1/2 years since our daughter was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 14 in 2002. She passed away at age 21 IN THE Hospital,WHERE THEY BURNED HER UP WITH TOO MUCH CHEMO AND RADIATION. after beating leukemia 4 times, to have her taken so fast when we thought she was healed was a blow that I have not recovered from. my daughter was a loving , vibrant caring person, that never should have been touched by this. I still cry and Grieve everyday, I need to know how to cope with the loss of my only daugher,and my best friend. I miss her so MUCH. Her name IS CHRISTINA AND SHE WOULD BE 23 YRS OLD NOW. I APPRECIATE YOUR WEB SITE, IT HELPS ME CONECT WITH MOMS LIKE MYSELF.

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