Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wednesday's Woe - "Mother"? Schmother!

Wednesday's Woe

"Mother"? Schmother!

  • Here we are as grieving parents having done everything we could to keep our daughter alive, yet we watch a "mother" who killed her baby girl, threw her into the swamp, then went dancing with no grief whatsoever after her child's demise... today get off scott free, pronounced NOT GUILTY of any murder charge...

  • Our lives are decimated; she will go on to dance her life away, oblivious to the loss of her child. What is wrong in this picture?

  • Whether it is adjudged correctly in this life or not, it will be in the Other. I guess Then we will see who is dancing for joy and who is not.

I am thankful, at least, that her little lamb, like mine, is being held tonight...


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