Monday, July 18, 2011

Tuesday's Trust - Meditation 2 ~ When You Can't Feel God's Love...

Tuesday's Trust

Meditation 2

~ When You Can't Feel God's Love...

O My child, when you doubt,

Reach out and touch My blood poured out,

Whipped and beaten mercilessly

Because of My love poured out for thee.

O My child, when you wonder,

The depth of my love for your child,

Hearken your ears to My roaring thunder,

Such passion I have for each precious child.

O My child, when You can't see

The ways of My love in your life,

Lift your eyes to Calvary's Tree,

My love poured out 'gainst Darkness rife.

O My child, taste now your tears

As they flow down your cheeks like rain;

Taste of My love cried out through the years,

My tears fill the oceans with Love's sweet refrain.

O my child, when you can't understand,

Consider My disciples of yesteryear;

They could not see My Master Plan

Though it was spelled out into their ear,

My plan of love carried out,

despite their fear, despite their doubt.

O My child, when you can't feel My power

Used everyday for your loving care,

Smell the fragrance of My lovely flower,

My intimacies poured out for you everyday.

O My child, be still and know I am God,

Many of My ways you can't understand;

Just lift your heart to My heart and nod,

As you do know My love behind My plan.

O my child, raise up your arms by faith;

Show Me thy love by singing Love's praise.

You'll not always understand My loving ways;

Just know Love surrounds you all your days.

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Poem - Meditation 2: When You Can't Feel God's Love... - Angie Bennett Prince - 7/18/2011


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