Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday's Trust - Grief's Perpetual Storm

Tuesday's Trust

Grief's Perpetual Storm

Grief surrounds me
Like storm waters over my soul;
Love compounds it,
Ever reminding my heart has a hole...

Tear waters flood this holy domain
Of love for my child,
Overflowing like rain,
Buffeting life's walls, while ruins are piled.

Grief astounds me;
Its invasive forces
Trounce down upon me;
Like death's wildest horses
Crushing life as I once knew it,
Barraging sacred boundaries;
It decimates life and violently spews it.
The tears still pour down
As shoulders, they quake,
Releasing anguished sounds
Of a mother's heart as it breaks.

When will the sun ever come out
Lightening grief's heavy burden?

Oh, but the tears water Death's drought;
Love's roots, only sent deeper, undergird me.

Poem - Grief's Perpetual Storm - Angie Bennett Prince - 08/29/2012


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