Monday, November 5, 2012

Tuesday's Trust - "A Vibrant Presence: A Present For All"

And your light will always shine,
and your name will still be spoken,
For you and time stand still.
Your heart's a part of mine, 
with a love that can't be broken.
Beyond the shadows that I know,
who you are will always glow.
Like a star you guide me on.

Your Light Will Always Shine

Tuesday's Trust

"A Vibrant Presence: 

A Present For All"

I do not understand

the fear parents have

that their child

will not be remembered…

In my mind

how could she not?

She was so vital

She is so vital

for she still is…

A life cannot be forgotten

She has imprinted

upon hearts

Look at my own

I will never be the same

after her

"A vibrant presence: A present for all."

Neither will anyone else

who knew her

I know that

I trust that

I rest in that

There is no doubt

She is

and that is enough

If she is so vital in my heart

how can she not be

in the hearts of others…

others who really know her

~in this mother's mind~

they are of all people 

truly blessed

for they got to know

my lively baby

who filled life

with zest 


and she loves us


And how powerful

that love is

and will be


Quote borrowed: "A vibrant presence: A present for all." ~thanks to
Poem - "A Vibrant Presence: A Present For All" - Angie Bennett Prince - 11/04/2012


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