Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wednesday's Woe - Holidays Amidst "The New Usual" ~Tommy Prince

Wednesday's Woe

Holidays Amidst "The New Usual"

~Tommy Prince

"What are y'all doing for Thanksgiving, or are you doing 'The Usual'?" our 27-year-old son, now living out of state called and asked the other day. He was trying to decide whether to be with relatives where he now lives, or to come home to be with us on Thanksgiving Day.

My reply was immediate and without thought, if that tells you anything about our lives these days:

"We're doing the usual:
Closing the curtains. 
Locking the doors, and  
Turning out the lights."

My son laughed and just as quickly threw out his rejoinder:

"And don't forget: 
'Shut off the phones.'"

Does our son know us well or what? I think he has enough information now to make his informed decision. 


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