Sunday, June 16, 2013

Blessed Father's Day

Blessed Father's Day

A Poem for You Grieving Fathers

He Leaves the Porch Light On 

~by Grieving Mother kp 

He still watches out the window
He still leaves the porch light on
It's hard for him to comprehend 
His precious child is gone

He never saw it coming 
And it tore his world apart
He struggles now to hide the pain
He feels within his heart

If you ask him how he is
He'll tell you he's okay
But he hasn't been alright
Ever since that fateful day

He acts as if he still can cope
And they all think he is strong
But if they only knew the truth
They might think they are wrong

He carries on and hides his pain
Behind a smile that's changed
He's lost so many hopes and dreams
His life feels rearranged

He'll always think of times gone past
And leave the porch light on
And wonder 'bout what could've been
Now that his child is gone

He dreads the road that lies ahead
Without his child's bright smile
He knows that they will meet again
Though it will be awhile

So when you see him have a care
His eyes may be tear-blurred
Loss has torn his heart in two
From all that he's endured

Just sit with him and let him talk
At times just take his hand
It isn't 'words' he needs to hear
Just you… to understand

Thanks to Grieving Mother kp who graciously gave us permission to share her poem.

For more poetry by kp, visit ~Out of the Ashes /

Father's Day Card, author unknown
Picture: Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) - 1888 Gauguin's Chair, thanks to Deborah Ondrejko - pinterest
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