Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday's Faith- Individuation / Big Punch in the Spiritual Gut

Friday's Faith



Big Punch in the Spiritual Gut

In thinking God's heart was the same as mine,

I was so confused at the death of my child...

I cannot grasp the plans of the Divine

that veer in directions "chaotic," "wild."

How could the Master of the Universe

allow Satan's wiles so Evil, Perverse

to take a child in the Spring of her life

against a mommy and daddy's prayers

lifted by Faith,

"Help her fight Evil's strife!"

For th' Loving One who e'en numbers her hairs

and loved her so much, He e'en gave His Son's life,

and loved us saying, "Just give ME your cares"...

Never in a million years would I grasp

the Master's plans to give win to the Asp!

Lights2, originally uploaded by Lomacar.

I know I see in a glass darkly now

and must trust by faith, 'nd in submission bow

to the God I know who is full of love,

that His plans will pan out in Heav'n above

to be consistent with His heart so full

of love for this child He's washed white as wool.

God give me Your grace and please understand

my confusion o'er Love's masterful plan.

Walk me through th' Valley of th' Shadow of Death,

Where, punched in the gut, I've lost all my breath...

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