Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday's Trust - Since Life on Earth is a "Blip" in Time

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Tuesday's Trust

Since Life on Earth is a "Blip" in Time...

For each of us, life on earth is a "blip";

May we spend our time packing for our trip,

Where we take nothing with us but what we can't see...

But Love giv'n away is Heavenly "gold."

The only thing that counts in the Heavenly

Is love planted in each fellow-man's soul.

(Lord,) The love You've poured into my broken soul,

Pour into others; draw them into Love's fold.

Our last years on earth; may we not chase Fools' Gold:

(The lures of the earth: Satan's centerfold!)

As God made the oceans, yet contained them,

The pow'rs in this earth...may He constrain them

To keep our eyes fixed on the goal

Of loving Him and loving each man's soul...

As death has come and split my world apart,

May my God of Love mend the pieces of my heart,

Sealing them together around Love's heart.

May His love constrain me to do my part...

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Poem - Since Life on Earth is a "Blip" in Time - Angie Bennett Prince - 6/8/2010


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