Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wednesday's Woe - Your Closet...

Wednesday's Woe

Your Closet

"How long your closet held a whiff of you,

Long after hangers hung austere and bare.

I would walk in and suddenly the true

Sharp sweet sweat scent controlled the air

And life was in that small still living breath.

Where are you? since so much of you is here,

Your unique odour quite ignoring death.

My hands reach out to touch, to hold what's dear

And vital in my longing empty arms.

But other clothes fill up the space, your space,

And scent on scent send out strange false alarms.

Not of your odour there is not a trace.

But something unexpected still breaks through

The goneness to the presentness of you."

~Poem by Madeleine L'Engle


~Poem by Madeleine L'Engle, The Ordering of Love: The New and Collected Poems of Madeleine L'Engle



Anonymous said...

Hello, I am also a mother who recently lost my beautiful daughter Myndi. She was just barely 27 and apparantly toxic effects of drug/alcohol that fatal night, took her life. This was October 8, 2009. I so hate that day and it will be forever engraved in my mind. My heart goes out to you. I go to my daughters bedroom and look through things from high school, pictures etc. How to find some sort of peace is still out there I guess for me. I do believe in God and pray. I guess I was naive about what she was doing out on her own. She was my baby girl. I do have a wonderful husband and a son who I am so thankful for. Like you mentioned, the sudden loss, has made the grief even harder I think.

Grieving Mother/Therapist, Angie Bennett Prince said...

Dearest Myndi's mom,

I am so so sorry that you lost your baby girl. I cried as I read of your terrible loss of Myndi.

Yes, the trauma of your sudden and violent loss plus the life-time separation from your baby girl makes for a very complicated grief. Add to that, it sounds like you were in the dark about the extent of Myndi's drug and alcohol problem, so her loss was even more of a shock to you under those circumstances. It is so tragic and so painful, and I'm so sorry that you are having to go through such a difficult loss.

I am so glad you have the love and support of a wonderful husband and your son, and that you have a relationship with God. You are very early in your grief, so I'm sure any "peace" feels tenuous at best.

Please know you are in my heart and I will keep you in my prayers. May God hold you so close to His heart and bring you His comfort.

Much love,


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