Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friday's Faith - Getting Part of My Life Back ~Tommy Prince

Friday's Faith

Getting Part of My Life Back

~Tommy Prince

In this journey we're on, we won't always be like we are. It was a very big deal I was able to go back to the barbershop and not get triggered. There was a time I did not want to go around the familiar, people who knew me and knew what I was dealing with. It was too painful. I would get triggered.

The barbershop I had gone to for years knew me well. They knew Merry Katherine. She would go with her daddy and her brothers when we would go get a hair cut. The barbers all knew her. When she was four years old, she had spilled a grape soda in there, and Daddy had to clean it up. They knew her. I couldn't handle their questions regarding how I was doing; it would have been too painful.

So, I went to other places for haircuts, places where no one knew me. But at some point, that scenario too hit its "critical mass" until I could no longer handle it either. When people DON'T know you, what's the first thing they ask... Yes,

"How many children do you have....?"

I got tired of telling each new barber or beautician my "story."

So this week, it was finally time. I could return to my old barber shop. They knew me. They know what happened to me. They still cut my married son's hair, so they've kept up with me through him. It was familiar. It was comfortable. And they respect my privacy. Meanwhile, they have had some bad things happen to them too. Life happens. And so we all just accept one another where we are and share fun stories.

It is a good sign. In some places in our lives, perhaps we really can get a part of our lives back, and we can go back to some old habits. It at least offers a little bit of hope this week. step at a time, one moment at a time.

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mcProdigal said...

I pray God will honor and build your courage one step at a time.

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