Monday, May 30, 2011

Grieving Mother Alert!

Grieving Mother Alert!

Dear Blog Readers,

Please read my fellow grieving mother and blog friend's blog post regarding her child's death and of the local officials' inaction to thoroughly investigate her child's death:

Please check out this precious grieving-mother friend's petition to our courts to get her child's death thoroughly investigated. If you find it in your heart to do so, please sign your name to her petition either today or tomorrow! (No matter where you live, you may sign her petition.) Below is my note that I added when I signed her petition today:

Dearest Katie,

I am so sorry that your precious child's death has not been thoroughly investigated here in Knox County. It is a travesty and an outrage that a death so heinous and so callously treated by adults who had every resource available to them to assist your son to get the help he needed when he was completely unable to help himself has continued to be cruelly and callously treated, to my understanding, by our local officials whom we helped to vote into office who also have every resource at hand to bring justice to your son and to your family but are refusing to do so.

I am appalled and outraged by such despicable treatment by those who are in a position to take the due course of action that justice demands. If the "powers that be" do not do their jobs to protect our citizens and work to bring about justice when they could not protect our citizens, may all our voices continue to be heard in the voting booths and in the public forum.

Your friend and fellow grieving mother,


To sign the petition, click "Sign Petition" in left side bar of my blog, or cut and paste the following to your browser :

Thank you!


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