Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wednesday's Woe - Never-Ending Endings

Wednesday's Woe

Never-Ending Endings

Dreams, Nightmares: The Great ReEnactors

Of what would have been, should have been, or could...

More potent than nuclear reactors,

Re-living that last day when before him she stood...

For days after, you can count on it:

It awakens the angst of the tiger caged,

And yet this tiger's disabled to "pounce" on it,

Tasered by the agony that won't be assuaged.

Trying to let your daughter grow up,

Excited as she is to make decisions on her own,

Yet knowing her "dream" could be her "last cup,"

Checkmates the king ~ paralyzed to move to his throne.

You'd be "damned" if you do, "damned" if you don't,

Pushing your point home could push her away,

Yet, facing the fright: she might not come home...

If you can't have your father's rightful say...

Amidst the travail of the father's dilemma,

The daughter bounces into the room,

Leans over to hug and to kiss him,

Hoping her excitement will banish his gloom.

Unable to move from his paralyzed place,

He embraces his child as she last kisses his face...

pictures thanks to fotosearch.com
Poem - Never-Ending Endings - Angie Bennett Prince - 5/3/2011


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