Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday's Faith - Finally Free

Finally Free

Our child went into the far country
Seeking to follow the will of her own.
And I? I had to let her go
Knowing her life was only ours by loan.

Powerless. Helpless.
Trusting the Hound of Heaven to redress.
Praying for safety for her body, spirit, and soul:
God swiftly intervened and made her whole...

It was not in the way that I had willed,
As my precious little one was brutally killed.
But I know this is not all of the story,
For the Hound of Heaven did rescue, and took her to Glory.

And I?
Grief-stricken. Weak. Wounded.
Life disrupted. Death-consumed.
Assumptions shattered
Of all that mattered.
Heart splattered.
Mind battered.
Anxiety attack.

And yet…

Comforted. Soothed. God-met.
Held, Accompanied,
Challenged, Restored daily, Renovated. 
Daily before God standing in need,
He faithfully meets me there, I will concede.

Scarred, limping, heart-broken,
But O so thankful to God for yielding 
His Own Child for mine, to be broken.

Now it is mine to faithful be
Until I too reach the shores of Eternity
Where God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost will be
Setting souls once captive to Satan, Sin, and Death…
Finally Free.

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