Thursday, August 2, 2012

In Loving Memory - Merry Katherine Prince

In The Knoxville News Sentinel today, on this sixth anniversary of the death of our 19-year-old daughter, we placed the following poem I had written three years ago in an attempt to visualize what happened to my baby "that night" that she was taken from us so that I could climb from the wraith that I ever feel that I am, into the faith that My Father ever calls me to see...

In Loving Memory
Merry Katherine Prince

3/29/1987 – 8/2/2006

Looking within my imagination,
I see the White Bridge you crossed on that night
From dreary earth to Glorification:
O what a glorious scene to my sight!

The bridge, made of purest gold, transparent—
And yet, it gave off sheens of whitest light...
Light from Savior-Spirit-God apparent,
Shining rays of Love of the purest white.

Th’ bridge’s span quite wide –from here to Heaven–
With no undergirding that I could see,
Nor could I see the spiritual leaven
That transmuted your soul t’ be heavenly…

But I saw the delight in Abba’s eyes
As He cradled you up into His arms;
Such passionate love our language defies
As He grabbed you away from Satan’s harms…

From th’ blackest evil Satan could concoct
To Whitest Love whose Goodness evil blocked,
Stormed Satan’s stronghold, whisking you away—
Satan crushed, thrown on the ground, left shell-shocked;
Helpless God’s plan t’ circumvent, there he lay.

And the look on your face was ecstasy
As you flew from the ground to Abba’s arms,
Nestling in their loving warmth so snugly,
Thrilled Amazing Grace so deftly disarms.

Now all I can do is quietly stare
As I watch you cross amidst the night air,
Awed, I see your flight from Nightmare t’ God’s Care;
Now God kisses your face, caresses your hair…

We love you and miss you with all our hearts ~
Awaiting the day we too may 
kiss your face, caress your hair…

Mommy, Daddy, Nathan, 
Rollin, Stephanie, and Merry ‘Ellie’ 

We love you and miss you so, BabyGirl.

Poem - "That Night": From Nightmare to God's Care - Angie Bennett Prince - 8/5/2009



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A very beautiful sorry for your loss.

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