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Saturday's Sayings - A Heart Without Its Beat...

Saturday's Sayings

A Heart Without Its Beat...


Without you, I am like the stars without the moon, the ocean without its shore,
A heart without its beat, a boat without an oar.
I miss the sweetness of your voice, the smile on your face,
The warmth of your hearty laugh, the comfort of your embrace.
You were the colors of my rainbow, you were the dawning of the morn,
You were the setting of the sun, my heart, my soul, my everything,
My song now left unsung. 

God wipes away my tears, He walks me through my pain,
He wraps his love around me, when my soul cries out your name.
My sweet child, you are still the colors of my rainbow,
The dawning of the morn, the setting of the sun,
My heart, my soul, my everything, my child and loved one.
The joy you brought to everyone, the way you lived and loved is the song,
That plays within my heart, no longer left unsung.

~Author Unknown
~Contributed by Grieving Mother, Melody Hill



~Artwork: "vulnerable" by George Clausen

I can't describe -- there are no words to describe, not in my lexicon, anyway -- the extent of the pain and sadness one experiences in the aftermath of the death of a child.

~Thanks to Grieving Mother Adina, from



There are many emotions we are hit with in life,
Grief is the hardest, filled with heart wrenching strife.
Nobody knows the worst grief, unless they lose a child,
To never hear their voice again, never see their sweet, sweet smile.
There is no hurt like it, there is no pain like a Mother's grief,
Knowing their child will never again come home, it's beyond anyone's belief.
Some people will say with stone conviction, I know just how you feel,
This is just their ignorance speaking, though for them, this isn't real.
They can't know the horrors we have seen, or the pain that fills our hearts and souls.
They can't even imagine the nightmares we have, none of this can they know.
They will say, "Get over it, Get past, Get on with your life",
They don't understand when they utter these remarks, they're only twisting the knife,
That has been thrust deep into our breaking hearts, the second we were told,
Our child isn't here anymore, they are now trodding on streets of gold.
Grief, an emotion so deep, it can't be explained, some will never understand,
The ones that still have all their children close, will never comprehend.
Our minds race at all times, memories rushing through our brains so fast,
Of happy times, of loving times, of the times we saw them last.
Grief fills our hearts, what could we have done, what ifs, hows, and whys,
We will never understand, or receive answers to our questions...we just cry,
We sit at their graves for hours, praying for just a little sign,
Wanting to know their spirit is with us, that they haven't left us behind.
We dream of them still here with us, and wake up so relieved,
For just a few minutes, we thought they were here, it's a nightmare we so want to believe.
But, then we look around and see their picture's surrounding us everywhere,
And reality hits, we know it's all real, it's truly the burden we now bear.
Every day we pray this will get easier, but it never does and never will,
We're trapped in our memories and we want everyone to remember them still.
Life goes on for all except for us, memories for others will fade and grow dim,
They won't remember everything as we do, our heart has been taken with them.
We wonder how others lives can go on; ours is stuck forever longing for our child.
Never forgetting them for one second....every move, every word, every hug, every smile.
But, life must go on for others, and we must try our best to understand,
Though they also loved our Angel, they can't forever hold our hand.
Going on with their lives doesn't mean they didn't care, just can't shed the tears,
But they haven't forgotten completely, they will dwell on these memories for years.
But, for us Moms, it's different, we will never forget our precious child and their fate.
That is why we build these memorial sites to preserve all their special dates.
One day we will all be together again, and websites and dates will cease to be,
Because in Heaven we will dwell with our loved one, this time for all eternity.

~Author Unknown
~Contributed by Grieving Mother, Melody Hill


~Contributed by Barbara at "Grieving Mothers"


I had my own notion of grief,
I thought it was the sad time 
That followed the death of someone you love.
And you had to push through it 
To get to the other side.
But I'm learning that there is no other side.
There is no pushing through.
But rather,
There is absorption.
And grief is not something you complete,
But rather,you endure.
Grief is not a task to finish 
And move on,
But an element of yourself-
An alteration of your being.
A new way of seeing.
A new definition of self.

~Contributed by Grieving Mother, Jill Compton, and Barbara at "Grieving Mothers"


~Message to my child

~Contributed by Barbara at "Grieving Mothers


~Message from my child

~Contributed by Grieving Mothers, and


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