Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Faith - The "Quickening": From Birth to Re-Birth

Friday's Faith

The "Quickening": 

From Birth to Re-Birth

"Full with child," she's told ~ so hard to believe
There's a speck of life inside this mother-to-be!
The words are there; the tests reveal
Truths for her she can't yet feel.
The ultrasound soon sends a sound
Of a beating heart such truth to resound.
But then one day comes the "quickening":
She feels for herself life hearkening...
Each movement inside proves there's life,
Creating a bond till faith becomes sight!

And so with you, my life-filled child,
I'm told you are not dead, but fully alive!
I cannot see; I groan from within,
But over time, comes the "quickening":
When Life I'm told that's surely there
Is felt from within before it's to appear.
You hearken to my beating heart,

"I'm Here Mommy; we're just apart!"

The tears come---it's hard to believe,
But such joyous news, I gladly receive.
I speak to you, I feel you near;
Life's quickening begins before you appear!
As Wonderful as your life-on-earth here,
How much more joyous Then~
When in Heaven you'll fully appear!

So my child I'll await, 
Though you're still sight unseen...
For Heaven's Gate
To open and reveal: Life's completed quickening...
When tears of Joy then shall reign
And you're in your Mommy's arms again!
I'll patiently wait through Death's Dark Night
Until that Great Day when my Faith becomes Sight!


Picture, thanks to "Grieving Mothers"
Poem - The "Quickening": From Birth to Re-Birth - Angie Bennett Prince - 8/10/2012


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