Monday, September 6, 2010

Tuesday's Trust - Beauty Amidst Death?

Tuesday's Trust

Beauty Amidst Death?

Crepe myrtles bloom in spite of me,

Lack of watering, nonetheless.

Why, Baby Girl could'st thou not see

In spite of ways I might transgress?

Crepe myrtles were in bloom that day

Though my heart was broken in two,

Prettiest pinks were on display

At your last time, our gates walked through.

God's handiwork ministers still;

He breaks through despite Satan's plan ~

Reminding me of Cal'vry's hill,

He assures ~ "You'll see her again!"

Why such beauty amidst stark death?

My crepe myrtles bloom still today:

Though my baby took her last breath,

God intervened without delay!

While we live here, we see dimly.

Your life thrives on the other Shore,

Separated by a veil thinly,

Whisp'ring, "Mommy, I love you more!"

God give me eyes that I might see

My baby girl awaits for me...

As the flowers show forth beauty...

So her face ev'r glows before Thee!

Crepe Myrtle Picture - mine
Poem - Beauty Amidst Death? - Angie Bennett Prince - 9/4/10
Veil Picture - Thanks to @LillyAnn



jeff@sally said...

A beautiful young lady passed away tragically last month and I looked at the beauty of the summer day and thought how hurtful such beauty can be to those who have just lost a child. How could there be any beauty and joy in a world when your baby isn't here. Slowly the acceptance of beauty and joy return tinted with memories. God is gracious. Beautiful flowers.

pearl said...

Beautiful poem. Merry Katherine was so beautiful, and I know you miss her so very much!!! It has been a little over four years now since her tragic death, and I'm sure the heartbreak never goes away, but probably intensifies as you think of all the things she should be doing. Knowing she is with Jesus and perfectly happy has to bring you comfort & peace; even thru your sorrowing.

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