Monday, September 20, 2010

Tuesday's Trust - "Morning is Coming...but Also the Night..."

Tuesday's Trust

"Morning is Coming... but also the Night"

Lord, my child is toying with disaster...

Day after day Lord, I'm on the alert.

Night after night I stand guard at my post...

But here comes a policeman in uniform

saying, Your child has fallen, lying shattered

on the ground... At this, my body is racked

with pain ~ Pangs seize me like a woman in labor.

Bewildered by what I "see," by what I "hear," staggered,

My heart falters; I tremble as safety I longed for becomes horror...

Disaster strikes ~ Like whirlwinds sweeping through our land,

the Invader comes from the Land of Terror.

A dire vision is shown at hand...

The Traitor betrays, the Looter takes loot, and

I can't be consoled for my baby is severed

from my side. ~ Death stabs a knife through my heart.

My life starts th' unraveling to surely fall apart...

In the Valley of Violence, there's tumult,

trampling, and terror, for there were breaches

In her defenses. I can't be consoled

for my baby girl is destroyed, ripped from my reaches...

The Lord calls me to weep, wail, and moan,

but I say, I waste away; I waste away,

for my child is left in ruins; she is gone!

Let me weep bitterly. Don't try to console! She's gone!

And now Terror and Pit and Snare await.

If I flee from Trauma's Terror, I fall in Grief's Pit.

If I climb from Grief's Pit, I fall in Terror's Snare...

Such is the cross this grieving mother must bear...

God says,

I will bring to an end all the groaning Death instilled...

Yes, the taunt of the Ruthless one is stilled...

The shroud that haunts, that enfolded my child,

the Lord Almighty destroys on a Hill ~

His Son bought peace ~ for my child, reconciled,

for He will swallow up death forever.

Our Sovereign Lord will wipe away tears from our faces.

He removes all our sin and all death's disgraces.

He'll restore to me my child who was severed,

restoring my peace while to Him I am tethered

to keep me from falling apart

as Grief stabs a knife through this mother's heart...

O people, crushed on death's threshing floor here,

I'll tell you words from the Lord Almighty I hear...

I will comfort through pain, anguish, and fright,

For Morning is coming...but also the Night...

I live in Night's Now while longing for Morning's Not Yet...

Meanwhile by trust and faith, I'm held in God's safety net,

While Christ holds my little lamb tenderly, to sweetly pet...

Morning is Coming...but also the Night."

Isaiah 21:12a

{as inspired by the poetic usage of words effectively capturing God's redemptive action in His history with His people: Isaiah 21 and 22 of The Bible, God's Holy Word}

Poem - "Morning is Coming...but also the Night..." - Angie Bennett Prince 9/19/10 (Poem is personalizing the inspiring words of Isaiah, chapters 21 and 22 to my child's story of terror before rescue)


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mcProdigal said...

Your willingness to share your pain is moving and your ability to express it is moving. I'm generally disturbed for a bit after reading your posts but in all the right ways.

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