Thursday, March 17, 2011

Friday's Faith - One Foot in Heaven, One Foot on Earth

Friday's Faith

One Foot in Heaven, One Foot on Earth


The month of in between
In between Winter
and in between Spring

Your death has left me
feeling in between
In between this world
and in between the next

Since you died
Nothing's the same
I no longer feel like I belong
Yet I haven't wings for heaven
Though I have no heart for Earth

So I'm somewhere with March
I'm somewhere in between

~Naomi Holzman

TCF/Volusia-Flager, FL


I buried my father underground.

Since then, my ladders

only climb down,

and all the earth has become a house

whose rooms are the hours, whose doors

stand open at evening, receiving

guest after guest.

Sometimes I see past them

to the tables spread for a wedding feast.

~Li-Young Lee,

excerpt from poem, Little Father


One Foot in Heaven, One Foot On Earth

Baby girl, since you left, and went above,

Mommy's heart's no longer in this world

For my heart's consumed with you... My yearning love

Requires all my time to mourn my baby girl.

Yet my Father God requires I see by faith

What's really real, even though my eyes can't see...

For all I can "see" is...the utmost tragedy.

So though my body floats like a wraith

On earth each day, my heart will be

Transfixed on you who has gone away....

And transfixed on Him, His way to see...

Even as my heart cries out to understand

The eternal meanings for this meaningless life

I've been thrown into, here upon Death's Scorched-Earth Land,

where daily, with Death's Forlorn Grief, I strive.

So as I keep one foot on earth to limp through each day,

I keep my focus to the Heavenlies for my God to show me the way:

One Foot in Heaven, One Foot on Earth,

The only way for me to tread, step by step, through Death's Dreary Dearth.


I have one foot in heaven and one foot on earth, and the foot on earth is on a banana peel.

~Malcolm Muggeridge

Naomi Holzman's poem - In our March, 2011 Knoxville Chapter, Compassionate Friends Newsletter

Li-Young Lee's poem - excerpt from poem, Little Father

Poem - One Foot in Heaven, One Foot on Earth - Angie Bennett Prince - 3/17/2011
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