Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wednesday's Woe - Severed Heart ~Edmund Kuznicki

Wednesday's Woe

Severed Heart

~Edmund Kuznicki

You are the silent destroyer inside

You cannot be seen but I feel your sharp knife

When you took our children you also took our lives

They say we’ll pick up the pieces in time, in time

I hope it’s before I completely lose my mind

I once was told to believe and you shall see

I tried that devoutly but have been left for blind

The pain I feel could bring kings and queens to their knees

Every minute, every hour, every day, it reminds

The suffering will bring no closure, no resolution

The rest of our lives looking up from the bottom of this well

I know those who lose their children go straight to heaven

As we have done our penance, this brutal time in hell

The torture will continue, the questions, why, why, why?

What could I have done to stop it, I cry, I cry

Maybe there’s something more as I felt your pain that day

Same time, unusual it was displayed that way

My heart races for no reason but I must overcome and win

I will continue, I will miss you, forever I will love you

My soul shakes and shakes it just cannot be true

I pray one day I can smile again

~Used by gracious permission from the poem's author

Story of Edward Kuznicki's daughter Shanna's death: http://www.jsonline.com/news/wisconsin/78547677.html


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