Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wednesday's Woe - Remnants, or Real? Going Through Your Things...

Merry Katherine, Mother, and me August, 2005

Wednesday's Woe

Remnants, or Real?

Going Through Your Things...

They called me home; it's time to go through your things...

Has it really come to this?

Go through your clothes, your furniture, your rings...

When all I want is you, and your gentle kiss,

Saying, "Goodnight dahling, it's gonna be alright;

I know life looks bleak, but hang on tight.

Your baby girl is just a shadow away;

There'll be a time soon you'll see her in the Light of Day..."

I miss your comfort, your touch, patting my face,

I miss your smile, your laughter, your gentle ways.

You were always there filling that home with love ~

That's what I want to pack in my car, bring home with me...

Not remnants left behind when you went above.

I miss our times of your talking with me,

Of your wanting to know, really know, how I am,

Even if that means we sit together and cry,

Missing Daddy, Buddy, Ma-Ma, Pa-Pa, or my li'l lamb.

I miss your nurturing, praying, singing, wond'ring why

We can't go see Ma-Ma or Pa-Pa for a little while...

And yet, Mother, I catch a glimpse of your smile

As now you hug Ma-Ma, Pa-Pa, Daddy, and Buddy,

And yes, my little lamb,

And now the two of you can sing together, "Just as I Am."

And you can laugh and cry and pat each other's face,

Marv'ling together at our Heav'nly Father full of Grace.

And now the two of you can pray for me

While I await the Break of Day when I can fully see.

May I ever know you're in that cloud of witnesses above

Ever raining down your kisses, ever pouring out your love...

Your love is Real, and Living, not limited by time nor space,

And it can be transported from Home to home by His amazing grace.

Picture: mine
Poem - Remnants, or Real? Going Through Your Things - Angie Bennett Prince - 3/15/2011


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