Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thursday's Therapy - The Princes' Top 10 TRUTHs About Child-Loss Grief

Thursday's Therapy

The Princes' Top 10 TRUTHs

about Child-Loss Grief

#1) There ARE NO "Five Stages of Grief"!

#2) Nobody else really "gets it." The "Secondary Injury" comes when you hear someone you greatly care about telling you, "You're doing it wrong!"

#3) You will never be the same, and there is nothing "normal" about "The New Normal"!

#4) Child-Loss Grief is NOT something you can control or predict. (There are things you can do to keep your grief flowing in a healthy way, but not "control" it and "move on" as many people will unrealistically expect you to do.

#5) Everybody is different, so Everybody's Grief is different.

#6) Old losses can get well as the old ways we used to cope with them. You can expect to regress, and old self-destructive acts and addictions to re-surface.

#7) Child-Loss Grief is pervasive and invasive throughout your system. It is multi-dimensional, affecting your body, soul, mind, heart, and spirit. Your old beliefs about God, and about how the world works will be challenged.

#8)Child-Loss Grief will last forever, this side of Heaven. There is no such thing as Closure.

#9) As bad as the first year may feel, Child-Loss Grief typically hits bottom between years 2 to 4 1/2 when Shock wears off and Reality sets in, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder takes on a life of its own.

#10) Child-Loss Grief is not JUST about Grief! Child-Loss Grief is MOSTLY about Trauma!

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