Monday, March 14, 2011

Tuesday's Trust - Specially Made...To Be Broken ~Nathan Prince

Tuesday's Trust

Specially Made...To Be Broken

~Nathan Prince

I wanted to share with you, my readers, my son Nathan's words on his blog this past week, describing his devastation from his loss of his sister, his best friend:

...(I)t is just...different when you lose a part of yourself. Didn't realize how MUCH she was a part of me, but it's just this gaping hole that has remained, and the harsh realization that not only has it not gone away, it has disabled my ability to brush things off calously like I used to easily do, to now, where

my sheer existence is like I am made of glass.

I picture myself as a vase, which not only is empty and the once beautiful designs that made it unique have worn off. It has been chipped around the edges, and has cracks all throughout its once unbroken structure, and even the slightest bump up against the table it rests on will send it crashing to the ground.

This is not to say that this vase is irrepairable, it is actually impossible to restore an actual broken vase to what it once was.

But the Potter that made this vase created it in such a way that only He can pick up the shattered vase lying helplessly and hopelessly broken, and restore it back to the way He originally designed it,

and through the compassion He has on it as His prized creation, He makes it even more beautiful and unique than before.

It now has a peaceful security in knowing how much care the Potter has for it, and has more joy than ever because while it was shattered on the ground, useless and forgotten, He stooped down and picked up every piece and made it anew.

The display of the love and compassion of the Potter toward His vase in this story shows the beauty of God's grace, and

how much compassion and understanding He has on this fragile vase I have become.

You should know that this story just flowed out of me from the Holy Spirit, not myself.

And He is why I write.

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