Thursday, March 8, 2012

Friday's Faith - Heart Prints ~Angie Bennett Prince ~in memory of Merry Katherine Prince and her loving heart prints...

Friday's Faith

Heart Prints

~Angie Bennett Prince

in memory of

Merry Katherine Prince

and her loving heart prints...

My child has left her heart prints...

They're all over, inside my heart.

For though I cannot touch her,

We're never, ever, far apart.

She ever leaves her heart prints

Inside my grieving heart,

Not finger prints, but heart prints,

Reaching far deeper than grief's scars.

She is not far from me you see,

She's just beyond the Veil,

She ever hovers near me,

To rescue from Death's knell.

When deepest tears of mine do come,

I feel her presence near,

For when she sees by grief I'm bummed,

She smiles to lend her tender cheer.

She sees my heart is in a hole;

She rushes in with sweet console.

Her heart and soul so pure from sin,

She sees my need; she's ushered in ~

God lends her to watch over me;

She quickly comes and comforts me.

And though she hovers near me,

Her spirit I can't "see,"

Still, her sweetness I can sense...

As I'm showered by heavenly hints. . .

Her smile "appears," her joy, I sense ~

It keeps me from falling completely apart,

As she leaves her healing heart prints

Upon my broken heart.

Then suddenly. . .

My heart lifts up for all its worth

Filled with joy, like from her birth!

It seems whenever grief's deepest pain

O'ercomes, making me wince,

Her radiant smile pierces my pain,

Soothing my heart with her sweet heart prints!

Pictures - I am sorry; I cannot find the origin of these pictures; I will repost when I do!
Poem - Heart Prints - Angie Bennett Prince - 3/8/2012


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