Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tuesday's Trust - The Rains May Come...

Tuesday's Trust

The Rains May Come...

Lying in my bed early this morning, I was contemplating the news I had heard the night before from my son who is here visiting this week; Nathan brought news to me from my hometown in Athens, Georgia that my handicapped brother had gone to the hospital recently with a collapsed lung. No one from home I guess had had the courage to call me with all the grief that is already on my plate.

So I was thinking, is this the way it's going to be Lord, from here on out... just one loss after another of our loved ones to face?! (As you know depressing thoughts creep in so easily in the depths of our already aggrieved hearts.) So the following poem started coming to me from my Lord's heart, so I jumped up, turned on the light and began writing...

The Rains May Come...

The rains may come,

I'm right here My child.

The rains may come,

But on your child, I've smiled.

Sorrows come, they fill the sky,

But in your heart, I bring my sun.

Troubles come, darken your sky,

But piercing your Dark, My Son.

Though all else fails, lean on Me.

My love withstands your tempestuous sea.

Though all else fails, lean on Me,

Though Darkness falls, Me ~ you'll see.

Picture, sent to me from a blog reader today, grieving mother, A.R.S. ~ Thank you!


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