Thursday, March 29, 2012

Your 25th Birthday - In Loving Memory of Merry Katherine Prince

In Loving Memory

Merry Katherine Prince

(3/29/1987 - 8/2/2006)

25 years old, today you would be

Had Death not taken you 6 years ago.

We survive today knowing you're happy,

Living in Love under the Father's glow.

But baby our lives have been impacted

By devastations wreaked by our great loss:

If life's a prism, our light's refracted,

Shattered by the load of Death's heavy cross.

Bones broken, cancers unleashed, lives stymied,

Each of us now, in ways, walks with a limp,

No longer the same after Death's stampede;

We only get through as we cling to Him.

Grief is God's road of Light through the Darkness;

Tears clear the way as Love's cleansing rain.

Hallowing the ground of Death's harsh starkness,

God Himself meets us to comfort our pain.

Today we smile as we embrace your life,

Grief's temporary burdens though now we bear.

We know you're freed from tempestuous strife,

Once received in the arms of Abba's care.

So for now by grace, we will carry on;

We'll see you in time as we're carried Home;

But until then, you will live in our prayer

Of thanks to God we'll embrace again There.

Happy Birthday in Heaven! We love you so!

Mommy, Daddy, Nathan, Rollin, Stephanie, and Merry Elizabeth


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