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Saturday's Sayings - Progress in the Healing Journey… - Part Nine

Until you're broken,
You don't know
what you're made of.

via ~Death of a Loved One/Facebook*

Saturday's Sayings

Progress in the Healing Journey…

Part Nine

"He who has gone, so we but cherish his memory, abides with us, more potent, nay, more present than the living man."

~Antone de Saint-Exupery


"Amidst our Child-Loss Grief and Trauma, when you think about it, we have been assaulted emotionally, physically, and spiritually! We never really 'heal' from Child-Loss Grief and Trauma, but we're always in recovery. 
"We can be in a process of healing, but healing will not completely happen this side of Heaven."

~Angie and Tommy Prince
Mother Grieving Loss of Child blog


"The case of a parent losing a child is very special because the most deep-seated protective and nurturant emotions are brutalized. Because this “injury” is so severe to such primitive emotional processes, the grieving parent is likely to feel and express the pain associated with it for the rest of his or her life."

~Dr Joanne Cacciatore


If indeed there are "stages" to our Child-Loss Grief, then this may be the best list:


1. Sadness
2. Overwhelming Sadness
3. Incomprehensible Sadness
4. Crippling Sadness
5. Misery and Despair
6. Acceptance of Your Never-Ending Sadness

via ~Wings of Hope-Living Forward


My emotions are too much to bear

I'm blinded and can't imagine the ones who care

It starts with a memory, then the sadness creeps inside

I debate whether to tell anyone; I have too much pride

I have soo many friends and family but feel so alone

However though, I don't want any visitors in my home, 

putting on a front so no one can see the sad unhappy lonely me

Feels like a fight; beating the ever life within me

Flashbacks of my Loved one haunt me every night

It's like it's happening all over again and I don't like the sight

having a battle in my mind and I'm losing the war

My tears stream down my face as I lie on the floor

I'm usually a very happy person and can brighten anybody's day

But when it comes to my painful grieving, it doesn't work my way

via ~Death of a Loved One/Facebook* 


"To overcome Grief
One has to fully surrender to the process."

via ~Death of a Loved One/Facebook*


Please do not tell me how I should be

You really don't know what is happening to me.

You may feel exhausted by my grieving so hard

Doesn't make you an expert to drill me with no regard

I'm doing my best to overcome my grief

Living in this hell daily; I wish it was brief!

If you don't like what you see just turn around

I don't have a light switch to shut it down.

I know I can overcome this in time you will see

for this grieving process to be ceased

So Understand my dilemma or don't say a word

Either/or, crying and sadness needs to occur.

via ~Death of a Loved One/Facebook*


You never stop loving 


You just learn to live

without them.

via ~Remembering Loved Ones/Facebook* 


I will always be near,

although you cannot see me.

~Unknown author

via ~Death of a Loved One/Facebook*


Grief was never meant to keep us sad or (too) lean
but how does one come out of it when people are so mean.

When someone you love deeply is not living anymore,
The feelings are great, beyond words can (implore).

It knocks a strong man to his knees begging and (pleading),
Makes our Faith be questioned, searching for meaning.

It's an unexplainable jolt, a pain that devours our sanity,
Keeps us wondering if we can save our own family.

All I have mentioned is part of the Journey;
You can't rush grieving, there's no such remedy.

Days become months, then Years soon to follow;
Whatever it takes, Don't let (any)one make you shallow.

via ~Death of a Loved One/Facebook*


My Loved one has gone and the pain is so deep.

It's like living on auto pilot with a triggered weep.

So many scenes and reflections run through my mind

A Happy Strong Family we all were; once upon a time

Does God know my devotional faith has shook?

I can't go on pretending or open His good book

I feel so betrayed from all that has happened to us.

People say it's part of a master plan. "We need to trust"

"God has his reasons and one day you'll find"

"Why your precious Loved one had to die"

I replied, "Spare me your religion and repetitive speech"

"There's nothing left from me; My faith has breached"

Total disappointments, my mind left with conscious reality

Crying hard not knowing it's getting the best of my sanity.

Only time can make me come back to understand

For now I'm living in this torture with no future plans.

via ~Death of a Loved One/Facebook* 

Our faith has been "breached" at some level by our child's death. God is real, but there are some myths somewhere along the way that we have swallowed, and now we must sort out myth from truth. Even those of us who have been blessed with a depth of knowledge in Scripture and a long walk with God Himself, have unwittingly swallowed some of the "cliches, smug sanctities, cheap slogans…" running rampant in today's religiosity that ultimately "woo falsely or promise glibly," and now it is incumbent upon us to separate out the chaff from the wheat of our Faith.

~Angie Bennett Prince

(phrases in quotes, by Jerry Sittser)


via ~Death of a Loved One/Facebook

In our western culture, we tend to forget the value that Jesus, God's own Son showed for the children around Him. When we think about our little ones being so vulnerable before they were killed, perhaps it can help us to realize that Jesus spoke many parables about the importance of the Shepherd seeking out His sheep, never leaving one behind but doing whatever it would take to go and find them and rescue them for Himself... 

When His own disciples tried to shun the little children away from One so important as Jesus, Jesus reprimanded them saying, 

"Suffer the little children to come unto Me and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."

~Matthew 19:14 

~Angie Bennett Prince
Mother Grieving Loss of Child blog


"He who has gone, so we but

cherish his memory, abides

with us, more potent,

nay, more present

than the living man."

~Antone de Saint-Exupery

~Out of the Ashes/Facebook*

Bodies may have boundaries but spirits have none. Why shouldn't we feel the potent, abiding presence of our beloved child when we are at our most vulnerable, and therefore open in our spirit? Newest psychological research recognizes one of the most invaluable aspects of a Child-Loss parent's grief process is that of establishing a bond with our deceased child, and this ongoing bond is vital in enabling us to Progress in our Healing Journey.

~Angie Bennett Prince

Picture, "Broken" thanks to ~Death of a Loved one

*Death of a Loved One/Facebook

*Remembering Loved Ones/Facebook

*Out of the Ashes/Facebook


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