Monday, March 11, 2013

Tuesday's Trust - The Birthday Party Now

Tuesday's Trust

The Birthday Party Now

With Merry Katherine's birthday coming up in 2 1/2 weeks, her birthday is on my mind... So last night I had a wonderful dream that ended in a nightmare. And yet, her happiness was replete, unencumbered by the complications occurring around me...

I dreamed of your birthday party last night;
Happy, you were, surrounded by your friends ~
Oh, for me, it was a joyous sight,
Like a glimpse at a happiness that never ends…

My family soon came to join the party,
A festive reunion was felt in the air.
The joy was great, the laughter hardy;
Then entered a tiny glimpse at despair…

When a grumpy soul issued a complaint,
Communicating I was doing it all wrong,
The festive air attempting to taint,
But I knew the happiness coming of your birthday song…
and knew you were above the fray of the fretting doubts of the petulant throng.

Is that how it is today:
Your happiness is complete;
The tragic air that surrounds me,
With your joy, simply cannot compete?

The taunts that come do not touch you
For you're surrounded with your Heavenly view.

And I? I must simply keep my eyes Above,
Seeing, you truly are ever surrounded with love.
The torments here may come and go
But I know they'll never impair your Heavenly glow!

Rest easy now my child in all your joy;
Your family of love will soon come to enjoy
Our Heavenly Father's never-ending love
As we join the ranks in your party Above.

Until then, please know, our hearts are ever with you;
Though steeped in sadness, we're ever refreshed by God's Heavenly Dew
That keeps reminding us of the Joy that lies ahead when together we'll sing,

"Happy Birthday to you!"

Picture, thanks to ~Pinterest
Poem - The Birthday Party Now - Angie Bennett Prince - 3/11/2013


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