Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blessed Easter~ Missing my baby...

Blessed Easter~ 

Missing my baby...

"Missing my baby girl so badly today! Dreamed about her last night ~ (She was a little baby in my dream, but was talking to me :) ~ after just having written a poem to her yesterday that I put on my blog today... so it was a Very hard day today. But I am still O so thankful that her Savior and mine died and was raised out of wondrous love for us so that we can live in Heaven forever with Him! What a Loving Lord we serve!"

After I put the above comment in Facebook tonight along with the Winnie the Pooh picture of "Always Loved, Always Missed"  a dear grieving mother friend wrote the following:

"Yes, dreams about our precious babies are so special, but we miss them more than ever when we awaken to face the next day without them." 

This was my response back to her:

 O E., o so true ~ It's like we've had a little visit with them, and then we awaken, and they're not here... It's so hard. I was thinking yesterday and said to God,

" I would love a little visit with her..."

(I would never want her to have to leave Heaven because there's no way I would take that happiness from her, but I thought if I could just visit her up There for a little bit ~ then I quickly changed my mind because I said, 
"But God if I could SEE her, I know I could NEVER let her go again!" 
This pain is SO hard isn't it? ~Love you so sweet sister of the heart; I am so sorry you are in this pain too~

My friend later wrote back,

"You're right Angie, we would never want to let them go again. There are no words to explain the intense pain we experience."

After I had posted all of this on Facebook, and of course began bursting into tears, Tommy said, 

"You have got to put that (Facebook entry) on the blog too ~ We all feel that way but we've never talked about it on the blog!" 

So I am sharing it here with you tonight! 

Blessings to all of you precious grieving mothers and daddies as we all deal with this very difficult longing and pain over our precious "little" ones who are no longer in our sight!

And dear God please help us as we continue to walk through this terrible pain without our babies!

Picture, thanks to another Facebook friend, 

My Special Angel: For Loved Ones Lost


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