Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday's Trust ~ Tender Blues

Tuesday's Trust

Tender Blues


Out of the depths of the blue, blue grief
Rises my lovely baby girl,
Seeing her smile brings sweet relief
Lifting my burden-filled world.

How to compute the happiness There
And commute it down to this earth?
How to not fixate on her death
Rather, to celebrate her birth?

Out of the depths of the blue, blue grief
Where her loss has become my cross,
How do I stand against the devilish thief
With his crushing albatross?

How do I live amidst death's curse
Though my Lord conquered hers with His,
Yet the view from this earth still glowers worse
When my grief and my sorrow hits.

I cry out my grief in my Savior's arms
He receives me with His tenderness
My passionate feelings rouse no alarms
That His abounding Love would need to redress.

My Savior Himself knows all grief feels grim
So He holds me close to His heart
After all, the Love for my child was giv'n by Him
So tenderly right from the start.

His love toward me, so kind, so sweet
Amidst such deep pain in this mommy's heart
Serves as a catalyst as I weep
To soothe the wounds as I fall apart.

Out of the depths of my blue, blue grief,
My Savior faithfully comes to bring me relief.
Our tears borne from love are no threat to our LORD
He blesses them with comfort, His Love's reward.

He healeth the broken in heart,
and bindeth up their wounds.

Psalm 147:3

Poem ~ Tender Blues ~ Angie Bennett Prince ~ April 22, 2014

Top picture, lotus: Thanks to

~inspiring art  Kiki Breet  on Pinterest

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~Isabelle Efstathiou, Facebook


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