Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday's Faith - A Survival Key

Friday's Faith

A Survival Key

As we go through Child-Loss Grief and Trauma, we discover there are many opinions coming our way from people who really have no clue what our new world is like. Much less then could they intelligently advise us as to how to grapple with a world they could not comprehend, much less have a handle on. 

(Thursday's Therapy - Only a Few Really Know..), my last post, was about a knowledgable group of people coming up with illogical answers for our needs even though they are often considered to be "experts" in the (psychiatric / psychological) people-helping field. Such a professional faux pas serves as a drastic example that we, the survivors, or "invisible heroes" to our Child-Loss Grief and Trauma "war" simply must attune to our own hearts and souls for how then we must live. 

How many of us have had to correct our doctors or our therapists as to the true nature of what we are up against when they toss out superficial bandaids to our deep soul wounds?

Experts in the helping fields must remember two cardinal rules we (I am in that same helping field) must live by, and those are, First, "Do No Harm!" and Second, "Know What You Do Not Know!"

Walt Whitman Graphic, thanks to Dr. Joanne Cacciatore
"Invisible Heroes" - thanks to, Bellaruth Naparstek

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